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The Catalogue of Sexual Anxieties

             A Musical Cabaret exploring the sexual awakenings & escapades of

                                                 Three "Hysterical" Ladies!

Just like Monty Python and the Holy Grail, we find ourselves on a quest. A quest on behalf of women everywhere to figure out one of lifes ultimate questions: Am I sexually normal?  With original music inspired by the Andrew Sisters, we will take you through  hysterical chapters that reflect on our own personal journeys of sexual anxiety, repression and even liberation! So come along for the ride, as we open our bible filled with blasphemy and sit you down for a  little story...


Our Story


      The three of us met at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland,

         a place that encouraged us to devise, create and take risks with our work.

One typically rainy afternoon in Glasgow, we took refuge in a coffee shop, and with mugs in hand settled in knowing a typical converation would ensue. Discussing, debating and berating our love lives (or lack thereof). After many rounds of "Was it me?,"Oh you get that one straggly hair there too? "Does your orgasm face look as weird as mine?" It soon became apparent just how many overlaps in sexual anxieties there were, despite our ethnic, sexual, cultural, and religious differences. We also pondered how women dealt with the same issues throughout history, especially given any outspoken thought could deem a women "hysterical".


 It was here an idea for a show began to form.

Our ambition was to normalize the abnormal!

By airing out our own sexual anxieties, we hoped to bring light to issues that all women face.​

 lifes too bloody short to worry about vagina size alone!

The Catalogue of Sexual Anxieties incorporates Cabaret, Musical Theatre, Burlesque, Sketch comedy, Spoken word poetry, and melded all together to create a unique piece of theatre with an original score inspired by The Andrews Sisters.The traditional, three part harmony swing/boogie-woogie style  makes a commentary on hegemonic femininity as well as cultural intersectionality. We lean into the stark juxtaposition between this tight feminine style and our raunchy satirical lyrics.  


Covid unfortunately turned this industry on its head, and due to this, our first draft was written remotely. No small feat we can tell you. But with the help of family, friends, and investors, we raised enough funds to complete our show in Paris, France.

The three of us have had the honour to collaborate with established composer Patrice Peyrieraswho elevated our lyrics with his genius. We spent weeks orchestrating and recording the music at a beautiful studio in Limoges, an inspiring period of time, with plans to go back and complete a full cast recording in the near future!

 In addition we’ve had the pleasure of working with choreographer Millard Hurley, photographer Geraldine Alexeline, and videographer Stephane Abenaqui who have all helped in the making of this show and its vision.

The show is a true passion project, and has been a light at the end of a dark tunnel for all of us. Producing our own work hasn’t been easy, we've had to delve into the past present and future to conquer our sexual fears,

all for your comedic pleasure!

 But truly, we had no idea how much creative fulfilment this project would bring.

 The Catalogue is hilarious, self deprecating and the kind of work that needs to be put out there,

so strap in and strap on, because we can't wait to share it!

"If the Andrew sisters sang about genital warts and masturbation          you would get The Catalogue of Sexual Anxieties!."     

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The Team

Marion Poli


Marion Poli studied at the Paris Conservatory and the Rick Odums Institute for classical singing and Dance before joining the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland where she met the rest of the writing team. There she was shocked and amused to discover the outrageous and fun ways the British spoke about sex. For a woman who came from a traditional catholic background and used to have a giant stick up her butt, it was quite the liberation! Naturally this made her want to write on the subject. Marion has been in many theatrical productions as an actress, singer and director. Theatre credits include Betthany in American Psycho; Ismène in Phedra; Marie-Amnesia in Nunsense; My Fair Lady; the Witch in Dido & Aeneas; April in Company; Fastrada in Pippin. This project marks her second collaboration with Patrice Peyrieras.

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Charlotte szabo writer

Charlotte trained at the London School of Musical Theatre and went on to gain a Masters  at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. After a decade long career onstage, she wanted to venture beyond just performance. X:1969 The Musical showcased at the Edinburgh Fringe festival, and was her first venture writing & building a show from the ground up. It ignited a passion for new work, so naturally writing a show about her sexual escapades was the next logical step!

Theatre credits include: Sister Mary Joy in the band Oh my god it's the church,  Pennywise in Urinetown, Athenum Theatre, Mary/ Squeaky in X:1969, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Maureen in Rent, Bridewell Theatre, Rose in Jekyll & Hyde, Cockpit Theatre. Other credits include Thursford Christmas Spectacular, and The D Day Darlings Choir featured on Britains Got Talent.

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Aniqa Chariana


The Canadian has arrived! But for once, there is no apology to be seen in her outrageous Catalogue of Sexual Anxieties. Aniqa graduated with a degree in Music Theatre Performance from Sheridan College, and later went on to receive a Master's in Musical Theatre from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Since graduating, Aniqa has plunged into deep creative waters debuting her first original work, X:1960 The Musical, at The Edinburgh Fringe. Her current project is sure to make a splash and leave audience members wet and woozy. Selected theatre credits include: Ernestine in The Anger of Ernest and Ernestine (Edmonton fringe festival), Mitta in Waiting (Sprouts New Play Festival), Dunya in Dunya and Farook (Concrete Theatre's anti racism project), and Lulu in X:1969 (Edinburgh Fringe Festival).

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Kate Ryan



Kate (she/her) is grateful to be living and working as a teaching artist, performer, and theatre maker here in amiskwacîwâskahikan. She has a huge place in her heart for the Fringe Festival where she has performed and directed many musicals over the years with Plain Jane Theatre including the Sterling award winning Bells Are Ringing, Little Fish, It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Superman and A New Brain.This past year, Kate directed Subscribe or Like (Workshop West Theatre), First Date, Rock of Ages (Mayfield Theatre), Sweeney Todd (Plain Jane Theatre) and The Blank Who Stole Christmas (Rapid Fire Theatre). Kate has also taught performance with Citadel Theatre’s Young Company, University of Alberta’s Opera Program, Edmonton Opera, Foote Theatre School and MacEwan University’s Theatre Arts program. She is also proud mom to artist Emma and loves to walk her dog, Charlie! 


Patrice peyrieras

musical director


Patrice Peyrieras has been a successful producer and musical director for more than 30 years, working extensively with Michel Legrand, Diana Ross, Barbara, Gérard Depardieu, Francis Perrin, Aznavour, Line Renaud, Marcel Azzola, Barbara Hendrix, Toots Tielmans, Raymond Lefèvre Japan Tour, Christianne Legrand Trio, Nathalie Dessay, Midem et Festival de Cannes, Asterix Park, LVMH, Grévin International, Fuji-Q Japan, JVC Japon, Shiki Japan Theatre, Show Note Seoul, & Corydalis Grand Orchestra Japan Tour. Work includes many successes in the field of Musical Theatre, such as Peau d’Âne 2018,  La Vie Parisienne (Nominated for Best Musical 2010) Camille Claudel (Molière Nomination for best composer in a Musical & for Best Musical Paris 2005) Le Quatuor (Molière For Best Musical, Paris 2003). Le Sire de Vergy (Molière Nomination for Best Musical, Paris 2001) Le Passemuraille (Molière for Best Musical, Paris 1997.)

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1. The Catalogue

2. Will I Remain Wet

3. The Lost Treasure of OHH

4.All the Dirty Kinks of the World

5.The Fountain of Shame

6.Biological Clock

7.Be a Good Girl

8.The Catalogue Reprise

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